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n. after a complaint has been filed against a defendant for damag...
n. the opportunity for the attorney (or an unrepresented party) t...
gross income
n. in calculating income tax, the income of an individual or busi...
gross negligence
n. carelessness which is in reckless disregard for the safety or ...
malicious prosecution
n. filing a lawsuit with the intention of creating problems for t...
nolle prosequi
(no-lay pro-say-kwee) n. Latin for "we shall no longer prosecute,...
v. 1) in criminal law, to charge a person with a crime and therea...
n. 1) in criminal law, the government attorney charging and tryin...
n. generic term for the government's attorney in a criminal case,...
n. a detailed statement by a corporation required when there is a...
n. a person who receives payment for sexual intercourse or other ...
n. the profession of performing sexual acts for money. Prostituti...
special prosecutor
n. an attorney from outside of the government selected by the Att...

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