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v. 1) for a judge to set aside or annul an order or judgment whic...
n. moving about without a means to support oneself, without a per...
valuable consideration
n. a necessary element of a contract, which confers a benefit on ...
n. 1) an exception to a zoning ordinance, authorized by the appro...
vehicular manslaughter
n. the crime of causing the death of a human being due to illegal...
n. a buyer, particularly of real property.
n. a seller, particularly of real property.
(ven-eer-ay) n. the list from which jurors may be selected.
n. 1) the proper or most convenient location for trial of a case....
n. the decision of a jury after a trial, which must be accepted b...
n. the declaration under oath or upon penalty of perjury that a s...
v. to give an absolute right to title or ownership, including rea...
adj. referring to having an absolute right or title, when previou...
vested remainder
n. the absolute right to receive title after a presently existing...
vexatious litigation
n. filing a lawsuit with the knowledge that it has no legal basis...
vicarious liability
n. sometimes called "imputed liability," attachment of responsibi...
n. someone who takes the law into his/her own hands by trying and...
prep. to wit, or namely. Example: "There were several problems, v...
adj. referring to a statute, contract, ruling or anything which i...
void for vagueness
adj. referring to a statute defining a crime which is so vague th...
adj. capable of being made void. Example: a contract entered into...
voir dire
(vwahr [with a near-silent "r"] deer) n. from French "to see to s...
voluntary bankruptcy
n. the filing for bankruptcy by a debtor who believes he/she/it c...
voting trust
n. a trust which solicits vote proxies of shareholders of a corpo...

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