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n. a lawsuit in which one party (or parties) sues another.
adj. when enough facts or circumstances exist to meet the legal r...
cause of action
n. the basis of a lawsuit founded on legal grounds and alleged fa...
class action
n. a lawsuit filed by one or more people on behalf of themselves ...
collusive action
n. a lawsuit brought by parties pretending to be adversaries in o...
condemnation action
n. a lawsuit brought by a public agency to acquire private proper...
derivative action
n. a lawsuit brought by a corporation shareholder against the dir...
quiet title action
n. a lawsuit to establish a party's title to real property agains...
n. 1) to withdraw any legal document in a lawsuit or other legal ...
n. receiving payment or performance of what is due.
secured transaction
n. any loan or credit in which property is pledged as security in...
stockholders' derivative action

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