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anticipatory breach
n. when a party to a contract repudiates (reneges on) his/her obl...
bilateral contract
n. an agreement in which the parties exchange promises for each t...
1) n. literally, a break. A breach may be a failure to perform a ...
breach of contract
n. failing to perform any term of a contract, written or oral, wi...
breach of warranty
n. determination that a statement as to title of property, includ...
1) n. an agreement with specific terms between two or more person...
n. 1) a person or entity that enters into a contract. 2) commonly...
implied contract
n. an agreement which is found to exist based on the circumstance...
installment contract
n. an agreement in which payments of money, delivery of goods or ...
oral contract
n. an agreement made with spoken words and either no writing or o...
quasi contract
n. a situation in which there is an obligation as if there was a ...
severable contract
n. an agreement which is made up of several separate contracts be...
n. a person or business which has a contract (as an "independent ...
unilateral contract
n. an agreement to pay in exchange for performance, if the potent...

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